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Installation and configuration of WordToPDF (Pro)

The following demonstrates the complete installation and configuration of WordToPDF Pro.

Installation of Ghostscript
Installation of appropriate printer driver
Installation of WordToPDF Pro

Installation of Ghostscript Inhalt

You can obtain Ghostscript as Freeware at SourceForge.

After Ghostscript download click on Setup to start installation. Install ghostscript


I recommend to use c:\program files\gs as installation directory (default settings). You may now start with the installation procedure (Install).

Ghostscript directory


To check successful completion of installation, please access the Ghostscript entry in your Start menu. A message display similar to the image shown here indicates that Ghostscript is ready for use. Ghostscript command line

Installation of appropriate printer driverInhalt

There still remains a suitable printer driver to be installed. I would recommend to download the CLBP-460PS printer driver from the Canon website.

Download printer driver


After accepting the License Agreement, download will start. You may start the file right away. A window will open similar to that you see next to this text. Now, please indicate a folder (a), e.g. C:\Canon driver to unpack the driver. By clicking on the Unzip button (b), zhe driver will be unzipped to this folder. Extract printer driver


Now, this printer driver remains to be installed as a virtual printer. Access Printer in the Start menu, and click on New Printer.

Startmenu printer

Install new printer


Set up new printer as a local printer (a). Whether such printer is actually connected with your system is irrelevant.
install printer as local printer


In this dialogue window, click on Floppy disk to enter the printer driver just downloaded.

Select disk for printer


Now, a dialogue window will open requiring you to indicate the saving location by means of keyboard or button (a).Having done so, you can close down this dialogue window OK (b).

During the installation process, you will be asked for floppy disk No. 2. It would then suffice to change disk1 into disk2, and to continue.

Select path of printer driver


Upon succesful completion, a selection box as the one in the image next ro this text will appear. You will have to select Postscriptdriver under all circumstances (a). Then continue with NEXT (b). Select postscript driver


As connection port for the virtual printer I must select the FILE option, in reality, no real printer is actually connected with my system, and I will use the printer driver only for generating file output (in PDF). Select file port for printer


Be sure not to alternate the standard printer of your system (a) as for the correct functionality of WordToPDF Pro this is not required. Printer install option


Printing a test page is not required either. Click on FINISH for completion of printer driver installation.

Installation of WordToPDF Pro Inhalt

Last not least, WordToPDF Pro remains to be installed. This should pose no problem at all. You may change the installation target folder set by default (a). However, this default folder has been selected on good purpose. There is no problem in having both the versions of WordToPDF and WordToPDF Pro installed.
WordToPDF Pro directory


Upon successful completion of WordToPDF Pro version installation, an image such as that one will be displayed. However, you may realize that there is a blinking message to the right below. We need to follow this hint. Therefore, select from File the menu option Settings/Options.

Screen WordToPDF Pro


Ghostscript installation presumably has been inserted already. If so, only an appropriate printer driver still needs to be selected. Please leave this dialogue by clicking on OK. Options of WordToPDF Pro
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